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How do I remove a stray digital image of a backward slash from my computer screen?

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Sorry we're late. I started to reply several days ago but was interrupted, and forgot to get back. 8^P


    1) Is this mark the size of a normal screen type character (\) or is it bigger, more like a graphic?


    2) Do you have an external monitor to try? You may need some type of adaptor if the external doesn't have a DVI port. The good thing about testing with an external is that it can separate problems isolated to the display and its cabling from problems with the logic board where the video hardware is located.


    3) Can you take a picture with a camera and post it for us to study?

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    Here are pictures of the Laptop screen with the cursor pointing at the anomalies. When I plugged the laptop into the TV with a DVI/HDMI cable the anomalies did NOT show up.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ray Zachary

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    Your image did not come through.

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    Library - 1834.jpgLibrary - 1835.jpg


    Message was edited by: raymondzachary  When image was sent to TV via DVI marks did NOT show up. Look for marks at tip of cursor.

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    I noticed MS Word is open in the screen shot. If only the Fnder is running (no user apps) do the marks persist?


    Does the marks always appear in the same place or do they move around?


    I ask because I've had the occasional redraw issue with Word since OSX was a pup. It usually showed up with a document open but I never checked to see if was there with no doc open but Word stil running.

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    I don't know if it's myself here Allen, but these look like marks relating to the LCD panel itself.

    I've seen this on iBooks which have small marks. They are not dead pixels as such but darken spots cast in a  very small line. When I've seen this before it's been due to pen pointers or object witch have been used to point at the screen. Normally people have used these object to touch the screen,which has left these very small marks.


    It seem to be common on earlier iBook's and PowerBook, maybe due to the type of LCD panel they use.


    I maybe wrong here, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

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    Theses marks remain whether Word or any other application is open or not is open or not.

    Also, the marks do not appear when connected by DVI cable to a TV

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    This explanation is reasonable as this laptop is eight years old and the probability of some one poking at the screen and actually touching it is not zero.


    My next question is whether these marks are removable by any method.


    Many thanks for the help from any and all.