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It is possible to import files HD files from Sony CXS190 to Imovie11 by insertinf the memory card into the computer?

iMovie '11
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    Yes. If iMovie does not see your card automatically, click FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA.

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    I'm doing a project to our youth soccer club. I tape games that have a total lengh of aprox 80 minutes using Sony HD CX-190 games.  I use the lowest HD quality setting on the camera  and full game uses about 7 to 8 GB ( 80 minutes) on the SDHC(class 10 card).  Once this file is imported into IMOVIE 11 the files that was MTS becomes a huge MOV file, around 4 to 5 times the original size when in the SDHC card.   I know that hd space is cheap today but is there a away to work in Imovie 11 using smaller files, or this is the way it is?


    Once project is finalized in Imovie I see that the final file is .RCPROJECT(?) why?

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    See this post for why the files get bigger.



    Your iMovie Project has the name you give it and the extension .rcproject.

    It contains a small text file in hexadecimal that contains the paths and the file names of the clips you used from your event (along with the in and out points), the titles, the transitions, the paths to any music and photos, etc.

    Once you Finalize, iMovie makes a finished movie in all available sizes and stores that in the .rcproject as well. You do not have to finalize. You can just use the Share menu and create the sizes you want. If you use the Share Menu and choose Media Browser that is the same thing as Finalize but you do not have to make all sizes. If you share to iTunes, it makes a Media Browser copy as well.


    The .rcproject file is really a package with hidden folders. If you right click on the rcproject file, you can choose Show Package Contents. You will see any finalized movies in the Movies folder.

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    Again a very helpufull answer. Thank you AppleMan1958.