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I'd like some advice on what the best setting are for importing iFrame (mp4) video and exporting it as HD using iMovie HD (6.0.4).


Importing - Does it matter which format I start the project in?


- Importing as DV or DV wide screen would not be appropriate since they are standard definition.

- HDV 1080i seems like it would be good except that iFrame is progressive, not interlaced.

- HDV 720p is at least progressive.  (And it's 16:9. iFrame is 1/4 th size of 1080, 960 x 540) I read somewhere that iFrame supports resolutions up to 720p so that is another factor favoring that setting.

- MPEG-4 seemed like the most appropriate as the files are mp4 but iMovie does not show the HD logo (between the cam/edit switch and the rewind button) when movies are put into it so it may be SD...

- From what I've read, iSight doesn't look like worthwhile. (It's 4:3 for one....)



As for exporting, 99% of whatever I will doing will be for YouTube or Facebook and only to be viewed on a computer. File size is very important. I don't want large files sizes as I will be keeping the movies on my computer. The lowest file size that looks good would be what I'm aiming for. Most of what I will be exporting will be short, 3 minutes or so. Blurryness and pixelation is unacceptable.


I used to use the CD-ROM setting for my SD stuff (set up as DV format) and that worked fine. I am having mixed results with my HD stuff and that's all I'm going to be doing from now on.


Under Expert Settings I've tried and am pleased with the following settings*:


to Quicktime movie

- LAN/intranet

- broadband high


to mpeg 4

- LAN/intranet

- broadband high is borderline acceptable


*My tests were using 1080p as the project type for a one minute movie that started out as 4-mp4s, totaling 299 mb. All of the exports I tried above are under 13 mb which is great!


Fooling around with the "Use" settings has been very helpful. I know about changing what's in the "Options" but, for the most part, don't understand the more technical settings. Can someone point me to a place where all of these are explained?


hmm. I wonder if choosing export to iPod or iWeb would be good. So far, to iPod looks bad... I'm still trying to figure out if I can use the iWeb setting at all. (It keeps trying and failing to connect to my Time Capsule which I wouldn't want it to do anyway.) So far I haven't gotten the YouTube widget there to work... (Would the "Share for video podcast" be a good option?)


- Share to Video Camera (as a  m2t file) is nice looking but too big a file size.


So, you can see I have some ideas about what will work but want more definitive info as to what's best. Thanks!

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