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I have been having problems with my MBP overheating recently getting to extremely high temps so I downloaded fan control and I noticed that my left fan will be running at super high speeds nearly 6,000 RPM and my right fan is at -1 RPM. This is a 2010 MBP that I bought in May that year. So im wondering does this mean my right fan is broke? or does this laptop only have one fan? and also if i need to replace a fan are there better fans that I could replace it with than the stock ones?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    UABBlazer1 wrote:


    ... or does this laptop only have one fan?


    The 13" has only one, the 15" and 17" have two.


    You did not specify what program you are using but if it is reporting the existence of two fans and one of them is inoperative, then it is either a sensor problem, a motor problem, or a fan obstruction. All of them are best left to an expert to repair.

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    Im using a program called Fan Control for some reason like I said before It shows a right and left fan the left fan is apparently working fan but the right fan is shown as -1 RPM

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    Stop guessing and run Apple Hardware Test.





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    There was a version of the MacBook Pro 15" with just one fan. I haven't found the specific model as of yet, but I seem to remember it was the model with the integrated as opposed to discrete video card.