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iWork Numbers seems to have a serious bug that I just can't get my head around:


When I select a cell, for example half way down in a long Numbers-worksheet, and then scroll to the top - I will get thrown down to where I clicked in the cell, as soon i move my cursor in the same column as the clicked cell! This happens no matter where i click, or what the cell is containing. If I scroll OUTSIDE the selected column - all is fine. But as soon I move my cursor back into the selected column, I get thrown back down!


Is there some thought behind this, wich I can remove in settings, or does anyone know why this happens?


It's so anoying that I'm seriously starting to think about getting back to the crappy Office for Mac...


I would be greatful for anyones help!


Best regards, Mikael

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)