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iWork Numbers seems to have a serious bug that I just can't get my head around:


When I select a cell, for example half way down in a long Numbers-worksheet, and then scroll to the top - I will get thrown down to where I clicked in the cell, as soon i move my cursor in the same column as the clicked cell! This happens no matter where i click, or what the cell is containing. If I scroll OUTSIDE the selected column - all is fine. But as soon I move my cursor back into the selected column, I get thrown back down!


Is there some thought behind this, wich I can remove in settings, or does anyone know why this happens?


It's so anoying that I'm seriously starting to think about getting back to the crappy Office for Mac...


I would be greatful for anyones help!


Best regards, Mikael

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have never seen this happen and I cannot duplicate the problem. Does this happen with every document that has a long table or just this particular one? Are there any particular settings under which it occurs: zoom; normal view vs print vide vs layout view; row sizes; anything at all that you might have set/adjusted that started this happening?

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    Thanks for the quick answer!


    After restarting my computer, it seems to be, at least temporarily, solved. Weird!


    If it starts to bug again, I will try to find out if it's just this document or if it happens in others as well.


    Anyway, nothing else happened but the abrupt jump up (or down) to where I made the last cell-select (to be more exact - the selected cell always ends up one row to the top). In other words, no zoom, opening windows, resizing - just directly jumping.


    This document is copied and pasted directly from Office for Mac. Maybe that has something to do with it?

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    Ok, now it's back.... So this is what it looks like AFTER the page has jumped back to the previously selected cell. As soon as I scroll down, and move my cursor into the "D" column, it all instantly jumps back to this part of the document... I can't understand why!


    Skärmavbild 2012-11-27 kl. 15.42.35.png

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    I don't understand why either.  Are you running any third-party mouse or keyboard helper apps?


    And, yes, sometimes things imported or copied from Microsoft documents have strange behaviors.

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    Yes, I'm using Better Touch Tool for my Magic Track Pad.

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    Can you temporarily disable it and see if the problem goes away?