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I bought a template primarily for the purpose to show case images using a 3d and the camera it swirls in and out of the images. The template has about 8 Dropzones for unique images and clones these unique images to make it seem like there more images all around. The images become a bit repetitive and I would like change out the images in the Clone. It seems I cannot change the image of the Clone without changing the source but this gives the same problem where the images are all repetitive. I'd love to make each image being showcased unique. Help please! I've been recreating some of the single clones but some are grouped and cannot figure their positioning etc....


Does this make sense??




VicScreen Shot 2012-11-26 at 5.14.38 PM.png

Motion 5, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    A clone is just a rasterized version of whatever object or objects that are cloned.


    The problem you're faced with is complicated. You apparently have multiple clones representing the same source. You can eliminate the duplicates (keep the original), but you'll lose the positions and animations they occupy.


    My advice: take a New Drop Zone for each duplicated clone.  Place them right above the clone in the Layer List. Select each duplicate clone right underneath it in the layer list and in the inspector, click and drag on the Transform (title bar) and drag it onto the drop zone in the layer list. All Transform properties (including keyframes) will be copied to the Drop Zone. Check the animation and if there's Blending or other types of keyframed animation, then do the same thing for each of those property sections. Once you get all the animations copied over, then you can delete the "excess" clones.


    Good luck... go slow... be thorough... save as a different name! (If you make a mistake, always make sure you have an original version to fall back on.