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Can I burn from compressor 4 and tell it to loop?




Brian Town


Imac 27inch, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Sorry, no. The Compressor disk burning option really won't do much more than give you a single track with chapter markers and a basic menu. If you can find a boxed set of iLife, iDVD can do this. And more professional apps like Encore can, but you have to buy (or rent) a much more extensive suite of apps to get it.



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    Thanks Russ. I wish they would come out with a new version of DVDSP for X. DVD's are on the way out, but I run into a client once and while that wants to loop. I think I am going to have them go with Toast for now. They need to play back photo videos on a loop on TV's, so I am also going to work on them going to a computer or ipad for play back.



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    DVD's are on the way out


    "We just rented our billionth DVD," said Chris Goodrich, head of public relations for Redbox, which offers DVDs for $1 at distinctive kiosks found in shopping centers, grocery stores and fast-food outlets.


    "Last year we were installing a new kiosk every hour," Goodrich said. "Today there are locations so busy we're adding a second kiosk. And we've just started carrying Blu-ray discs.


    "So it may be sexy to talk about electronic delivery, but right now consumers still prefer the portable, physical disc that they can carry from room to room or household to household."


    Officials for Netflix, say they expect to be delivering discs for at least the next two decades.


    "Sorry, honey, that cloud storage service where I put the video of our wedding/son's first birthday/daughter's first dance recital just went bankrupt."

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    If you can find a boxed set of iLife, iDVD can do this.


    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.