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Help! I've been using Bonjour Printer to print from my Toshiba laptop to printers connected to my iMac for years. As of last week, it stopped working. I just tried removing and reinstalling Boujour Printer, but the wizard still can't see any printers at all. I can still print from my iMac just fine, but need to be able to do so from the laptop as well. Any one have any ideas?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Well, no one seem to be able to solve this problem...My own fix is I ended up running an Ethernet cable from my Verizon modem/router directly to the laptop, and somehow, the laptop can now see both my printers again. It almost appears as if the Boujour Printer can no longer read the USB port via WiFi, as it used to, and had to find a different way to see the printers. Even though I had no trouble with WiFi on the Laptop... Thoughts on this from anyone?