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I have a Mac OS X running Snow Leopard version 10.6.8. I have iPhoto '09 version 8.1.2.


I have been having a problem the last two times I have imported photos to my iPhoto library from my camera. I edited a few photos, and it worked, but when I double-click to view them they just show a black screen. They will show the edited picture in the thumbnail and in full-screen view, but not when I double-click them. Also, when I click "show file" the original file shows the thumbnail of the picture, but the edited file just shows the generic jpeg file picture. When I try to open that file in Preview, it says it cannot open the file because the folder is empty. But, if I revert the file back to the original, it is fine again.


I have already re-installed and fully updated the Snow Leopard version I am running, as well as rebuilding my iPhoto library, and re-installing iPhoto on my computer. I have also deleted the pictures from iPhoto and imported them again from my camera. (This problem occurs under both names on my computer.)


I would also like to add that I am only having this problem with the last two imports from my camera. The photos from my iPhone work fine, as well as all of the previous pictures already exsisting in my iPhoto library that I imported from the same camera.


I would love to solve this problem without having to lose all of the pictures I am trying to edit. Please help!

iPhoto '09, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Edited photos show as black screen