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I just got a new iPhone 5 and I want to transfer my music onto it (and I still have my old iPhone 4 in my possession). The tricky part is that I have more music on my computer (7000 songs) than what fits on my iPhone (5000 songs). So for the last year or so as I got new music I'd take certain music off my iPhone 4 to make room. The result being I have a very meticulously chosen 5000 songs on my iPhone 4, and I want those specific 5000 songs to go onto my new iPhone 5. How do I make this happen?


It seems that you cannot use the backup-restore functions with music - is that correct? I did read that music purchased from iTunes can possibly be restored, but that does me no good because none of mine is purchased from iTunes.


Short of going through my iTunes library and picking and choosing, is there a way to load those specific 5000 songs, along with my made-on-the-go playlists currently residing in my iPhone 4, into my new 5?


Much appreciated!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1