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    Okay, edit my post to eliminate "military"; I'll stand by the remainder. I just sent a small package overseas (no military involved either here or there) and it will take about 3 weeks. Last year, it actually took 5 weeks. This would be going to a EU country (Germany).

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    Hard-core eBay sellers (I am not one of them though) have told me not to ship via USPS, since it turns away potential buyers.



    I try to avoid USPS when I can; the local sorting facility used to lose between 2 - 5 envelopes addressed to me containing sensitive financial information and/or checks every month; they actually sent a postal inspector after I sent a complaint to the Postmaster General in DC. It didn't matter - the carrier still misplaced them and she would deliver mail to the wrong box 40% of the time; did she get fired? No - she got retired with full benefits. And I had to switch to electronic delivery/transfers.


    As for the tracking info: yes, I know, but I contacted the seller and they confirmed that USPS told them they had delivered it to some address in NH which is northeast of MA and the last time I checked, the Pacific Northwest was west/northwest of MA....

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