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Having problem using FaceTime on new iPad.  What are the common connectivity issues?

iPad, iOS 5
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    One of the more common issues with a new device such as you own, is not having the correct time and date settings.  Facetime will not work if your location/date/time settings are not accurate.   Another item to check is updates, especially security updates.  Since your ipad is just out of the box, it may have missed some of these updates.  These two items would be good starting points.

    You should also have an e-mail address installed in your Facetime preferences as a "you can be reached at" calling number.  This e-mail address is the Id that callers will use to initiate Facetime sessions with you.

    Also, check out this Apple help link:http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3367

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    I can't sign in on my Mac Pro (2010) or only intermittently like after several tries when I turn Face Time on and off. On my Mac Book Pro Retina Face Time works flawlessly and both Messages and Face Time stay on.

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    Cannot sign in to Facetime on Mac Pro Desktop running 10.6.8. Worked fine 2 weeks ago with no problems, all of sudden it just spins and says the usual, "check your internet connection..." I have re-installed the system and Facetime. Still no good.

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    Turned out to be that my logic board was not "serialized"... I took it to the Apple Store and they flashed the serial number onto to board. Original board was replaced right after I purchased my Mac Pro and the service people didn't put the serial number on the new board!! FaceTime now working just fine!!


    Hope this helps.