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Good Evening,


We've never had this problem before, but when trying to do a bulk territory (euro) we keep getting the following error:


Error while fetching mass pricing information. Sales start date is invalid.


Like I said, this is totally new.  It takes the exact same date for US without a problem, but multiple selections for euro is giving us fits.  We tried doing one euro territory (Austria) and it took without a problem.





iTunes Producer
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    Ive been having exactly the same problem.


    I have managed to get mass territory setup to work now through some trial and error.


    1. First i set up 1 default territory, my own country (UK) and date, price tier etc.
    2. Then i go to mass territory setup, put in the same date as the default I setup but i dont fill in the "List Price" option, only the "Suggested iBookstore Price", i found that if i fill in the List Price i get the error.
    3. This seems to work for me, and i set up all of the territories on the list.
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    I've had no luck solving this. Anyone? I tried to do Mrsheps solution, but no luck.

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    Figured it out: you can't use the 'today' as the "Sales Start Date!"


    Use "tomorrow" instead for the start date, hit 'tab' and iTunes Producer will fill in the timestamp for you.


    Click what territories you want to sell it in, and then click "Apply." That should do the trick!

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    I am still having the same problem, even after changing the dates for sales start date, any one else have suggestions?