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Hey there everyone. I have the question that most likely a few others have except i really can't find an answer that perfectly suits me. I'm stuck at a crossroads here and really need some good advice.


I am a high school student who is looking to minimize the amount of binders and books i need to transport by taking notes on an iPad. (If you know any good apps that would be good too) I'm not really sure what i need yet. Obviously, i will be traveling a bit with my ipad and it needs to be effective for quick note taking with out a bluetooth keyboard. Display isn't very important but i do intend to watch movies on my iPad when i go on trips. Any advice on storage size would also be greatly appreciated.


Things I will use my iPad for:

~Note taking

~Occasional gaming


~Web (Facebook, twittier, tumblr etc)

~Possibly textbooks

~Starting and editing documents (such as papers and reports)


Importance to me: (Least to greatest)

~High functionality

~Fast and able to handle most apps

~Able to be typed on the screen rather easily

~Fairly portable


~Quality cameras and speakers


Please let me know if you have any advice or opinions to help me and let me know if you need more information from me. Also, if you have any suggestions of apps that fit my needs or on the gigabyte amount i'll need please feel free to share. Thank you!

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    The iPad mini can fit in most pockets, so it might be easier to take with you. Then again, if you don't mind carrying it in your backpack, the full-size iPad works, too. The iPad also has a larger keyboard because of its larger screen.


    For apps, here are some I would download, keeping in mind you would be using it in the school setting:

    Keynote, Numbers and Pages. Each of these apps are $9.99 and together they make up the equivalent of Microsoft Office.


    iBooks - A free app that will lighten your load by bringing textbooks to the iPad.


    Keeping in mind that you cannot add more storage later, I would get nothing less than 32GB.

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    And to add to Steve suggestion. iPad 4th generation is much faster and has a gorgeous retina display.

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    purchased several refurbished ipad2's....alll look new and come with 1yr warranty....and work perfectly. technically they use almost the same innards as the mini so expect the Apple ios updates NOT to make them useless in the foreseeable future.

    They are bigger and heavier to carry than the mini....although we too the ipad round the world...but if you want a bargain then dive in for the ipad2......if you need convenience get the mini.

    Games will have a bigger manipulative screen for games and wordprocessing.....enjoy!

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    If I was facing hte choice, I'd go for the 2. I have a 2 and don't know if I'd have much patience for the smaller screen real estate of the mini.

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    Just though I'd let you know my experieinces and try to help you decide!


    I have have just bought an iPad mini, and am about to sell my iPad 2 on ebay, and I have to say, I absoluelty love the mini. No regrets whatsoever!


    It is so much more manageable. Its usable with one hand, weighs much less than th iPad 2 (about 1/2 as much), its about half the size, it fits into a pocket - dont have to take a bag out if I don't want to, it fits in my tiny bag that i usually just take my lunchbox and my kindle to work in.


    Also, the screen is noticably more crisp, as it is the same resolution but smaller. The camera is noticably improved, and the speakers are probably about the same.


    I loved typing on the iPad 2, I even wrote my final report on it for uni before i graduated! So far on the mini I've rattled off a few emails, and I havent noticably got more typos, but i do feel like i have to concentrate a little more. Its slightly more tricky than the iPad2, especiaily if you try and lay it on your knee to type, but on a desk, I'd say its a pretty similar experience. although for serious work I'll stil be using my macbook.


    For light editing and note taking, its absolutely fine, and the other advtanges massively outweigh the iPad for me.


    My only major worry is that the back of it (I have a black one) seems to be made of the same stuff as the iphone 5, and despite me being extremely careful with my iphone, it still has little scratches on the edges, and i think the iPad mini wil go the same way. The silver back on the ipad, and on the white mini doesnt have this problem.


    As for storage, i just went for 16GB. I think the prices apple charges for extra storage is ludicrous! I have all my music on my iPhone (which, completely contrary to my previous statement I did pay extra for more storage haha) and if i watch anything on it, then i just stream it. Unless your going to download huge 3D games (e.g. infinity blade, GTA etc) or you want more than 4-5 movies on it at once, I think 16gb will be all that you need.

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    Hi, I want you to know I tried just about every devices of the Apple, my recommendation for you is always get the latest model  the better, but it's up to you to decide.