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Can I still use Appleworks 6.2.9 with Mac Mini 2012?

Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2 Gig Memory
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    No. PowerPC Apps were supported only throuhg 10.6.8 using Rosetta. MtLion no longer supports PPC Apps.

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    The Mac Mini 2012 will come with Mt. Lion preinstalled.


    In order to continue to use Appleworks, consider installing Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) into Parallels:


    Appleworks.jpg                              click on                                    [image to enlarge]


    Full Snow Leopard installation instructions here:




    To migrate away from Appleworks, review Roger Wilmut excellent piece on Abandoning Appleworks:



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    I'm really knowledge starved on the Intel based Macs.  I'm currently using a G5 and my husband is on a G4.  We are both using Tiger.  Would installing Snow Leopard allow us to still use AppleWorks?  The only reason I'm looking to purchase a MacMini is because my browser, FireFox or Safair, no longer updates for Tiger usage; I don't want to lose my  access to video/youtube.  I'm thinking the only way to have the best of both worlds is a KVM Switch between the G5 and a MiniMac. 


    Is there any reason this would not work? 


    Are all KVM switches pretty much the same?


    I certainly appreciate all the information sent to me.  I had to Google Rosetta and still do not know what Parallels are,

    If we did upgrade the G5/G4 to Snow Leopard, that might save the lost of video/youtube, but for how long??? 


    Would a purchased copy of Snow Leopard allow me to upgrade both the G5 and G4?


    I know I've over loaded with questions, please forgive, but my head is exploding with unknowns.

    It's just crazy, our computers are working just fine - it's like the dentist that says, "Your teeth are fine, but your gums have got to go."  I would be willing to purchase a Browswers just to keep these Mac work horses alive.




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    G4s and G5s will not run OS later than 10.4 or 10.5 (which depends on specifcation).


    Try TenFourFox as your browser, it is Firefox tweaked for 10.4 and compatible with 10.5 and has the latest security updates but not necessarily all the latest Firefox features.


    EDIT: There may be video issues. Have a look at Klaus1's post in this thread where he refers to Texas MacMan's ideas about getting round a Flash issue (which work).

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    Not sure what a KVM switch is: does that let you share an external Monitor screen with two or more computers?  Do you have an external monitor with either or both your G4 and G5; you do not specify which models you have?


    Do I understand your post to be:


    1)  Life is fine with your two existing Tiger Macs; but...


    2)  You want a "modern" Mac for internet/webrowsing/video apps.


    Is that correct?

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    What can I say,Michael Wasley, the link you passed along has removed the yellow threat on the top of my firefox windows.  THANK YOU SO MUCH,  I know this won't be the last of the threats, but for now I'm a very happy camper.  I will also  thank Klaus1 for this terrific workaround.



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    Yes, MlchaelLAX, the KVM switch allow one to use one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse between two computers.  It has been so long that I'm not sure how to find the MODELS to the G4 and G5. Unless you mean what makes the Mac tick.  The G5 is a dual 2GHz PowerPC, with 2 GB DDR SDRAM.  The G4 is a bit slower, will look tomorrow.


    I want/need a newer Mac model because unlike the days before OS X, all software was included as the newer OS were added, not so today.  I'm still using Tiger because I still use a couple programs from the old days.  When I eventually purchase a new model, I will have to buy all new software.  That's find if one has plenty of money and wants to learn everything from scratch, but I'm hanging on as long as I can.


    I tried TenFourFox, but it didn't allow video, of course since I tried Michael's suggestion, the video might not be an issue.  So far, every thing works the way it should. 


    I have a lot of faith in Mac users, their loyalties to Apple is what kept Apple floating when many thought it would sink.  These folks are survivors; I only wish the apple people on the top appreciated that loyalty today, but I guess things are too good.


    Thanks to all for you kindness.  Tomorrow I will show my husband how to remove his yellow threat on his G4.  If anyone can answer any other questions, please know I will keep viewing this post.



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    It seems you found your solution - congratulations!


    I asked the KVM switch question, because if you use two computers at once, I would suggest that you start Screen Sharing in the older computer and open a Screen Sharing window on your new Mac Mini.


    In this way you would have access to both Tiger and Mt. Lion concurrently on your Mac Mini, if you ever decide to go that route.

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    HA! no kidding! That would allow me to copy from an AppleWorks document and email it to myself with very little effort.


    It just so happens that I use two monitors at present...hated to not be able to use both monitors with the MacMin and KVM switch, or so this is my understanding, do you understand this otherwise? 


    I've also wondered about the necessity to buy the "newest" MacMin.  It seems that each year the MM comes out, there are at least 2 verities.  But I don't know enough about MacMins to make a wise choice. I would be very interested in your advice.


    MacMin Main interest:   I would use the MinMac for editing video for  DVD use and streaming video to my HDTV.  I'm not a game player nor is speed a high priority as long as I can work with Adobe Premiere Pro and streaming.


    Thanks so much, I'm gaining hope.



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    Patt wrote:


    HA! no kidding! That would allow me to copy from an AppleWorks document and email it to myself with very little effort.    

    Actually you can have both screen sharing and file sharing turned on and just access your Tiger data from Mt. Lion without having to email...


    I have the 2011 Mac Mini with Lion and am very happy with it now that I can use Parallels to give me Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) capability for those few PowerPC apps that I still use.  I have no experience with the 2012 Mac Mini.