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After a tiring run, getting a new 'nano sim' for our first iphone, we tried to sync iphone with our imac via bluetooth.

Step 1. Attempting to pair request goes successful from imac to iphone, where we click on 'pair'

Step 2. Here's the info. we get on our iphone. 'Now Discoverable' but it also says 'not connected'. The Devices 'Wait circle keep going round n round.

Step 3. The 'Conclusion' on the imac says 'Congratulations! And the option of 'Quit' button flashes.

Step 4. On the iphone, on clicking on the ''Shamshi imac' Not Connected bar, it says 'Connection Unsuccessful' "Shamsi... imac' is not supported. And the only option "Forget Device' Appears.


Repeated this process after switching on/ off both the imac and iphone last evening, several times.

Tried again, this morning.... kindda tired out already!


Optimistic to get immediate help, or do we keep thinking after the hype and hoopla all over India for the new iphone, we should still go back to the time tested samsung and nokia's.

Phew!!! Help!!!!!!

iPhone 5