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Im using the track in behaviour to animate a line of text made in motion 5 but when the text reaches the end of the behaviour it awkwardly jolts into place....is this normal? I've tried using ease both to smooth out the end of the animation but it makes no difference.

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Layers will revert to their unmodified-by-behaviours values after the end of some behaviours.


    What behaviour are you using?


    In some cases you can use the value of the End Offset control to fix this. The Ramp parameter behaviour has this control. You can apply Ramp to the full duration of a layer, and increase the value of the End Offset to make the Ramp conclude before the end of the behaviour duration.


    If the behaviour you want to use doesn't have an End Offset control, you can use the Stop parameter behaviour. It stops any change in a parameter value. If you set its duration so that it starts at the last frame of the animation behaviour and finishes at the end of the text layer, it will prevent the parameter value reverting.


    stop behavior.png



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    Thanks for that feedback,very helpful.....im using the track in behavior and it does have an end offset but im sure i fiddled with that...will try again....seems to me the behaviors are not always the quickest way to do things.