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i download the itunes and start installing but after it says itunes is installed in your computer but its not..whats wrong?

itunes, Windows 7, 64bit
  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    Most of the cases require:

    1. Run the iTunes installer as Administrator

    (right click on the installer and choose Run as Administrator


    2. when it is installed go to iTunes icon and also Run As Administrator


    if yiou want to make it permament right click on itunes and go to Properties. In compatibility tab you can tick always Run As Administrator

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    NOthing man,,I ran it as administrator and it says ''installing apple support'' and then it says ''itunes is installed in your computer'' but its not,,what do i do?

  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    remove the previous iTunes installation from Control Panel / Programs
    and start again.

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    it doesnt show up in control panel because apparently ''it doesnt install it'' im driving myself crazy,,ive looked everywhere and no one knows.

  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    if installer says iTunes is installed on your computer and it does not show up in Control Panel / Programs

    you have a system problem and you need to contact Microsoft forum to troubleshoot it.

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    ok thank you but the problem is that it says ''itunes is installed in your computer'' but it doesnt install anything,,you know when you click on run and then it should appear ''i agree'' to the terms and then it takes ''some time installing'' it doesnt do that,,after i click ''run'' it just says ''itunes is installed'' and of course its not because it didnt install any package.

  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    I understand what you are saying.

    iTunes are installed on your computer either in full or partially - whether you like it or not.


    Have you restarted the computer after all those unsuccessful installs?


    You need to remove whatever you have iTunes related on your computer before attempting to install it again.

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    i did man and nothing,,,my music is everything and now i cant use itunes to transfer my music..it *****...

  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    as much as i'd like to help you - there is no many options left.

    This is a case for Windows System troubleshooting forum.

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    ok,,thank you very much for the help and the fast response I really appreciate it.I think I gotta buy a new laptop.lol---

    one last question,,itunes can be installed on windows Vista as well?

  • tzbikowski Level 4 (1,945 points)

    yes, it can.


    good luck