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Does anyone know how to remove the history of a device within Profile Manager ?


When we select the device and remove it from Profile Manager it disappears as it should, and the device is also wiped, however when we enrole the device for a new user for some reason its importing old user information, in this case e-mail username, our main profile is setting up the devices for the user such as wifi, e-mail and security settings, seems when we are deleting the devices its not removing all the information from the server.


Any help would be great.


Many Thanks



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    do you have profiles in devices or device groups that maybe being applied to the device when enrolling

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    We have device groups, once the device have been enrolled we then move to a pre-configured profile which sets up items such as wifi, e-mail and passcpde etc all in one go, this has had mixed results, I've now setup profile groups for each item to give us more control over only given the user what they need instead on forcing everything, this resolved my item above but more testing is needed, the main issue has been trying to pass a pre-owned device to a new user as it seems to remember the pervious user in some cases, this is why I asked about if it was possible to delete device history.