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Right now I am currently encoding an burning my first DVD using iDVD 6. I am currently trying to burn two episodes of a TV show downloaded from bittorrent that was encoded using the Xvid/Divx codec, adn I was wondering if anyone else out there has done this and the amount of encoding time I should expect for such a project. The 2 input files are about 350 MB in size each and they are in 16X9 format, so I choose to create a 16:9 movie when I first created the project. Right now, I am doing this on a 1.66 GHz Core Duo Mac Mini with 1 GB of RAM and the standard 80 GB hard drive. Thank you.

14.1 iBook G4 1 GHz, 640 MB, 60 GB, APX; Mac Mini Core Duo, 1 GB, 80 GB, Mac OS X (10.4.6), iPod Nano 4 GB (Black)
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    First off, you must realize that the content capability of iDVD is based on running time - the size of your Divx files in MB doesn't come into play.

    With a SL disc you can get around 60 minutes in the 'Best Performance' mode and around 120 minutes in the 'Best Performance' mode

    You will probably need to convert your Divx files to DV stream to use them in iDVD. ffmpegX from http://homepage.mac.com/major4/ will let you do the conversion.

    I would suggest a simplier (but more expensive) approach. Get Roxio's Toast Titanium 7. You should be able to burn your Divx files to a DVD with no conversion.
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    I had considered getting Roxio's Toast 7, but chose not to since it's still not a Universal Binary. If I do get it, do you know if it will run in Rosetta, or will it just burn a coaster. Also, would I be able to have nice menus in Toast like there are in iDVD because I find the meus and themes to be a major benefit to using something like iDVD.
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    The trade off will be iDVD's 'nice' menus and lots of time to decode the Divx to DV stream vs. Toast 7's simplier menus and no need to spend time converting.

    Check the Roxio pages for the current status in regards to Universal Binary and Rosetta.
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    5 hours and 15 minutes is not bad for a 'mistake'. It took about 5:15 from the time I hit burn DVD to the time my Mac Mini spit it out, and I have to say i'ts pretty fast. I say that because I used one of iDVD's 16:9 themes (black reflection) and I was getting the error message that not all 8 drop zones were filled in. I remedied that by dropping 8 video files into each of the drop zones (each file was about 45 min. in length), but I failed to trim it so my mac mini took about 3 hours just rendinering out the main menu. After everything was done and the burn was complete, I noticed that the video clips in my main title menu would not loop like a normal DVD I would buy in the stores. Instead, all the video files would just keep on playing and if I chose to I could have watched all 8 episodes straight through on the title screen as they were cycling by. I'm pretty impressed by the speed of these new duo core chips. The two selectable video clips were also about 45 minutes in length and the rendering time for those two clips was about 90 minutes. Now that I know the rendering time was inflated beacuse I failed to trim the clips in the main ttitle menu, then I'm certain successive renders will be considerably shorter. I might get Roxio in the future, but only when they release a UB because Rosetta is jsut too processor intensive.
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    Are you saying that iDVD accepted your Divx files without any conversion?