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I have tried to print emails but keeps saying no air printer found? What does this mean?

iPad 2
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    What make and model of printer do you have ? Thost that support AirPrint (which therefore don't any extra apps) are listed on this page.  If you model is listed on that page but it's not being recognised by your iPad then there is some troubleshooting at the bottom of that page. If your model isn't listed then you will need an app - you could see if the printer manufacturer has their own app in the app store that supports it, or there are third-party printer apps such as Print n Share and PrintCentral Pro which might work with it.

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    The easiest way is to download and install a little tool called "handyprint" and install that in your Mac (it will sit in System Preferences). www.netputing.com.

    It will let you print on any printer that your computer can print to.

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    iPads print I wirelessly via Wi-Fi using a technology called AirPrint. Your printer needs to be compatible with AirPrint in order to receive the print job. All Wi-Fi printers are not AirPrint compatible. This Apple support page has more on AirPrint including a list of compatible printers.