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I keep having to restart my mac and soing an SMC reset on my MBP.  It will run fine for a few hours then suddenly the kernel_task will spike up to over 500%. Ive brought in to genious bar and they have done a full diagnotsic. They said that besides the batery being shot, which I had them remove, there is no other hardware problems.  In safe mode it runs fine. I have done a clean install twice, but it does not help. Anyone know how to read error logs, or where to find them, so I can figure this out? Its making me NUTS! Thanks guys!

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    Run through this first


    Step by Step to fix your Mac


    I have done a clean install twice, but it does not help.


    Then if/when you clean install again (meaning no TimeMachine/clone restores) use the Disk Utility > Erase Zero or "middle" secure erase function on the entire drive (if possible) or just the Macintosh HD partition then install everything from fresh sources.


    Sometimes the 10.6 boot disk (if your on that) can be a bit messed up, clean it with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to polish.


    If only a bare bones install and fully updated still causes problems, then I would suspect a hardware issue that isn't being shown in Disk Utility > SMART or Hardware Test.


    If the completely fresh install works fine, then cautiously add programs (fresh sources) and files to see if and when your troubles start again.