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I have a PowerMac G5 from about 2004. Three years after that I got a laptop which I used as my primary computer. About a year after that I pulled the G5 out of storage and tried to power it up. It wouldn't start. I heard that it might have been the little 1/2AA lithium battery on the motherboard so I replaced that and voila! It worked. It went back in storage and I removed the battery, hoping it wouldn't be dead next time I go to use the G5. Well, the computer didn't turn on so I bought another battery. Still doesn't work.


The computer's power light just flashes once and it gives the tell-tale double "click-click" sound when I try to turn it on.


Is it possible the battery I replaced it with was old and not working? Bought it from RadioShack. Is there anything else I could do to try to get this computer up and working.


I was hoping to get it started so my Dad could edit some old home 8mm film footage that I'm going to digitize. 


Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated. I did try holding the reset button on the motherboard as well, which didn't seem to do anything.



Powermac G5, Mac OS X (10.3.7)