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I'm also posting this at VMWare Communities, with no replies so far.


VMWare Fusion (5) has an internal VPN, which I find helpful and faster than tunnelling (SSH) into my Mac from somewhere else on the Net, and then using Fusion as usual. With the internal VPN, I go straight to Windows (8), bypass the Mac interface entirely, and that used to be faster to interact with it that way.


Now, having upgraded to Windows 8 (from Vista!), I need the Windows logo key - using the mouse is too slow and inaccurate to call up the Charms bar, for example. Windows logo + C works like a ... charm!


So, tunnelling into my iMac (from afar) and using "Windows logo" keystrokes in Fusion works fine.


But tunnelling directly into Fusion, using its internal VPN (Settings -> Advanced), does not work.


There are several options to set for "Keyboard and Mouse" but I haven't found a combo which works.


Missing anything?


Thanks to all.



MBPro, 2007 Dec. -24" iMac 2.93 GHZ, 4MB RAM, 2009 June - iPhone 3G, 8 GB RAM, 2, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Airport Extreme Base Station, USB printer, wireless printer
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    Update: having called VMWare Support, they have reproduced the problem, and temporarily circumvented it by using RealVNC and changing the two "Command Keys" to "Super_L" and Super_R". This has also fixed the absence of right-clicking, although it seems intermittently.