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I was just reviewing the online manual for applecare plus and I am now confused.  I think AT&T lied to me when they sold it to me.  They told me applecare plus will cover damage to the phone yet the manual contradicts that.  Is this true?  For instance, AT&T told me it covers cracked screens, broken case, etc.  Please let me know.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    I don't know what "online manual" you're referring to, but the full terms and conditions can be found here:




    See the section titled "3.2 Accidental Damage from Handling".



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    AppleCare+ allows the device to be replaced twice for a discounted fee of $49 per incident for damage caused by accident or abuse.


    AppleCare (not +) does not include the accidental damage coverage).  Neither one will replace a lost or stolen device.

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    wireless providers offer something different than actual apple care and apple care plus.  Customers end up paying more for a monthly plan than if they just purchase the one time $99 fee through apple. Apple care gives you two years of phone support and limited hardware warranty and two incidents where you can break your phone and apple will replace it with a new one for 49$ deductable.  It does cover broken third party accessories. 

    Hope this helps

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    AppleCare+ does not cover third-party accessories.

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    Thank you all for your responses.  I printed the pdf page that varjak paw sent me to.


    Andymorgan, thank you as well.  The applecare plus  service that AT&T sold me is the "apple" plan and it appears that they did provide me with the correct information.  I was just not reading in the right place. 


    What a deal!