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I'm looking to connect a MacBook Pro to a Windows Enterprise network and Exchange Server.  What known issues are there in connectivity?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
Reply by workitout1021 on Nov 28, 2012 8:32 AM Helpful

Rk,  I work an such an environment.  If you want things to work for just you, the short answer is "no problem".  If you have multiple user authenticating for say, profile managent or domain administration, I would HIGHLY advise a Mac Server that would tie into the existing enterprise.



Reply by workitout1021 on Nov 28, 2012 10:26 AM Helpful

In terms of printers and network shares, just make sure there is a user account in active directory.  If all you are looking for is printers and shares, bonjour only helps you share mac printers on your network from YOUR macintosh.  Bonjour does nothing if you are trying to connect to a printer on a PC Network.

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