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Hi-I would like to remove any Facebook email addresses I have in Contacts. If the person only has a Facebook email address I want to delete them. If they have another email address I would like to save that contact but without the Facebook email address. Is there a way to do this? I am not able to delete it by choosing the contact then click on the Edit button..... So I am stumped. Thanks for any help! Judy

  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,151 points)

    It's easy to delete contacts that have a Facebook address. All you have to do is select All Contacts in the group list, then enter "@facebook.com" in the search field. Select all the results and delete.


    Keeping contacts that also have a non-Facebook address is tough. You could do it with AppleScript or with a database editor, but it would take expert knowledge and some effort. You might be able to entice one of the AppleScript enthusiasts on this site by posting a question in the OS X Technologies forum, where they hang out.

  • mrstee Level 1 (80 points)

    I can't delete any card that has any Facebook info in it! It just skips over that info. No way to do it. Amazing! Darn Facebook..... I can't delete the card even though it's highlighted in blue. I think I will send a Feedback to Apple about this. Thanks, Judy

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    Ha! I was looking for a link within Contacts to email Apple about this issue and in Preferences under Accounts was listed Facebook. I unchecked it and all email addresses with Facebook in the info are gone! That was easy. I just had to look a little bit.