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I am planning to purchase the Pages app for my workflow. But before I can purchase it, I'd like know about its folder orginasations and limits.


These are the questions I am hoping that can be answered:



1. How many documents can be stored into a single folder on the Pages app?


2. Is there a limit to the number of folders for the Pages app?


3. Is it possible to view documents side by side or even 3?


4. Would it lag if there were too many documents or large documents upon scrolling through in the app?

5. Can a stylus be used to actually write with in the app? For quick draft drawing or notes.


6. Am I able to export it as a straight PDF file into my mail then send it to my pc? Or is it only possible as a word doc?


7. Is it possible to export a whole folder instead of doing it one by one?


If these questions could be answered as soon as possible, it would be really appreciated! Thank you.

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
  • BigTarantula99 Level 2 Level 2
    1. A lot.  Probably as many as you want.
    2. No.
    3. What do you mean?
    4. Probably.
    5. Pages is strictly for typing.  There are other apps for drawing.
    6. It can me exported over email as a Pages doc, a PDF, and a Word doc.
    7. As of today, it can only be done one-by-one.  I hope they'll change this.


    Glad to help.  Definitely buy the app.  It has so many great features.  I haven't been disappointed once since the day I purchased the entire iWork suite for my iPod touch.

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    3. I see no way to work on or display more than one document at a time. It's basically a single window system.


    5. There is no handwriting recgnition as part of Pages.

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    Thanks for the reply so far,


    1. So there is no limit to the number of documents that a folder can hold/save? Im looking at around 170+ documents to some folders.


    3. Basically to be able to view/open/preview 2 or 3 documents side by side or alongside each other for comparison or other viewing/checking purposes. I tend to view 2 or 3 documents side by side each other for checking purposes instead of having to snap back and forth between the documents I work on.


    5. In future, will it allow it? I would be really nice if it could as I would like to mark drafting arrows, circles or notes to a page which can later be removed upon decision.

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    I'm not bothered about it being single window or small screen. If the documents can be alined to each other side by side and I can scroll or swipe it left and right or up and down, I would be content. I wouldn't mind if it was all squashed into a single screen so long as I can pinch in an out to view it.

  • BigTarantula99 Level 2 Level 2

    1.  I do not believe there is any limit.  I'm judging by the Keynote app on my iPod touch, which I have close to 75 presentations in a single folder.

    3.  Pages is only capable of viewing a single document at once, sorry about that.

    5.  I don't know; that's something to hope for in the future.  But that would be nice!

  • Dick Gr Level 1 Level 1

    5. It is possible to add charts, tables, and some basic shapes, one of which is a text box. That would be easy to find and delete as a unit. The real comments feature is in MAC OS X Pages, but comments are stripped and changes accepted in moving them to IOS pages.

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    I see, I just don't really want to be making multiple folders under something like 'folder1' 'folder2' 'folder 3' etc and so on. Just keeping it all in one folder.


    Does it lag for you by any chance upon scrolling through them?

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    I don't have many documents in Pages, just in Keynote.  Since the same company makes both apps, I believe lots of documents can be stored in one folder.  The documents can be sorted by date created or in alphabetical order.


    I have experienced some lag, but nothing that would make the app crash or anything.