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this is my first and I think simple question but unfortunately I didn't filnd the answer:


Is it possible to reference a table cell in text of a textfield? I have a mixed document and it is necessary to reference specific table cells as a "word" in



Is this possible and - if yes - how?


Best regards


OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am not clear what you are asking.  Can you post a screenshot?  To take a screen shot click in the window of interest to bring it to the front.  Then type the key combination <COMMAND> + <SHIFT> + 4


    the cursor will change to a crosshair.  position the cursor at the top-left corner then click and hold, then drag to the bottom-right corner, then release the mouse button.


    then return to this forum in your web broswer, click the camer icon in the forum tool bar, navigate to the image (should be on your desktop and will be named something like "Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 1.01.12 PM.png")

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    Hi Wayne and thank you very much for your very fast reply,


    so here I attach my screenshot and I hope that "a picture is worth a thousands words"




    Best regards


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    you can make a table that has a single cell (what you are calling a "text field") which other tables may reference.


    I do not understand the connection between the top table and the single-cell table (your "text field") and the bottom table.


    In the top table there are multiple entries but no mechanism to switch from one to the other.  Can you describe how you want the result to work?


    Here is a what a single cell table looks like when active:

    Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 3.00.28 PM.png

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    To paraphrase Barry, instead of using a text box (Textfeld) for your sentence, use a table and reduce that table to be a single cell.


    Using your screenshot as my reference, the formula in your table would be

    ="A german word "&A2&" is "&B2&" in English"

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    the upper table is just a sample. In this table I calculate differnt values i.e. an amount to pay, which relies on different other values of cells of the same or other tables (which is easy and not the problem).


    Below the table is a textfield to create a "freeform" text  (i.e. "The price you have to pay is") and inside this thext I need to reference specfic cells of the table above (i.e. the price).




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    Hey, that's a good idea. So I have to change my textfields into single cells tables. Sounds good and I think that's the best solution (simple and good).


    I will give it a try tomorrow ...




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    Whoops, meant Wayne, not Barry.