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What size does the recovery partition need to be for Lion or Mt Lion?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Maybe I'm approaching the problem the wrong way. My problem is that I installed a new HDD in my laptop after cloning it to a backup drive, and I wanted to install the OS after formatting the drive using Disk Utilities from my desktop machine. Since I had Lion installed from the App Store as a paid download, I thought I'd start with a freshly downloaded install of Lion, but I can't access the internet directly with my laptop since it has no OS or apps. So I'm downloading Lion to my desktop machine hoping to install it on my laptop as a Target HD. Is that possible? Does the App Store download allow choosing which drive to install on?

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    If you have a bootable clone, then boot the laptop with it and restore the clone to it. If you didn't use CCC to do the cloning and restoring the Recovery HD, then you'll need to reinstall the OS from the MAS, which will restore the Recovery HD.