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Firefox doesn't seem to be updatable any more, but I hate to go back to Safari.  Is there a better choice for this old machine1/

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    Depends on what version of Mac OS X you have installed on your PowerBook.


    I personally use Camino on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on my PowerBook.

    Some people have said that TenFourFox for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is good.

    Tenfourfox does have a version for Mac OS X 10.5 should you have that installed.


    Hope this helps.

  • Greg Reyna Level 1 (90 points)

    Thanks.  I'm running 10.5.8 and installed Camino.  It works better than Firefox, but I still get the 'need to update to a modern browser' msgs from Gmail and Facebook.  I have no idea if that means the day will come when no browser will work, or what.  When I click a you tube link  on FB, the version of Java I'm running won't display it it, and there are no more Java updates for this os. But all I have to do is find the same video on you tube directly, and it plays just fine.   I don't want to update the os since each one gets more bloated, and it seems silly to worry about that when Leopard works fine for most software I run.


    The main thing is that Camino picks up the wireless signal automatically like it should.  Firefox wasn't doing that, forcing me to go through all the Network Preferences rigamarole every time I opened my laptop.  Camino's 'move bookmarks'  function doesn't work, but oh well, I created now ones.  The cost of 'living in the past'.



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    The cost of living in the past indeed.

    Sadly Mac OS X 10.5.8 is the highest version your PowerBook would take.

    It's slowly become obsolete, due to no modern flash and java support.


    I guess I don't use FaceBook, so I don't know the full restraints of Camino. It's handy to know from your feedback for others. I would advise you download YouView an application for your desktop which plays YouTube videos. As it's running native it's perfect. With this application you can sign into YouTube account and search videos. It also plays full screen too.


    With exception to some social network site problems, the PowerBook can do everything else well.

    That's why I don't yet want to look at replacing mine.


    Happy to be of some help to you.

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    I run TenFourFox on 10.4.11 on my PB G4.


    I have no trouble with Facebook (apart from speed doubtless due to my having only 512MB of RAM as it's slow on other sites too.)


    I rarely use Gmail but that seems to work OK.


    No wireless problems either, and I find it strange that that could be a browser issue.

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    One thing is certain, with me every computer issue is first & foremost a spaced-out user issue.  I rediscovered rest PRAM, and that has helped, but in my experience computers   periodically do inexplicable things.  (see Mailer's book, 'Fire on the Moon' for others who have had similar experience) Thanks to this web site I have always been able to depend on the kindness of strangers! ;-)


    I'm amazed how durable this machine has been.  Of course my laptop is rarely unplugged and I've got a metal case for it; that helps.  My son and I bought identical Powerbooks at roughly the same time.  He's on his fourth Mac laptop, but then he was only 16 when we started mobile computing.