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I recently updated my Retina MacBook Pro to the 10.8.2 Supplement update 2.0 and now Motion is acting odd.  I've been working on a project for the past few days, prior to updating, whenver I exported a video it would work as predicted.  Now, after the update, I can see my Hard Drive space just plummet.  I'll start out with about 64gigs of space and before the file is done be exported it drains to just shy of 4 gigs!!  I then begin to get warnings that my OSX Startup Disc full and that I need to quit or pause apps.


The project I'm working on is a very simple animation that runs just shy of 25 seconds.  The final file that is outputted is about 650mb in size.  This is not that big of a project and I have no idea what requires that much hard drive space. 


One other note, the memory does eventually return after about 20 minutes

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 256HD, 16 gis of RAM.
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    turn off (or "down") autosave!! and delete the files -- or get an external drive.


    At least check your autosave settings.


    1) You can find out where autosave is saving backups in Preferences > Cache > Autosave

    reset the Keep at Most: to about 3 - 5 (if Motion crashes, you usually only need one!)


    2) You can go to the path listed in Autosave and dump a lot of the older files



    PS - you can also delete the Retiming cache...

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    I've done that.  The auto-save folder equaled about 360mb.  This hard drive hogging seems to only occur as it is exporting a file.  But I am not sure why the program requires almost 64 gigs of hard drive space to export a file!  I did a similar action using FCPX and never ran into a single problem (and that was an 8 minute video with tons of transitions and filters).