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I have a fully updated Mac OS Server 10.6.8 that works great, but as I've updated my own computer to mountain lion, I can't use server admin tools on my computer to administer the server. I have Apple Remote Desktop and have understood I need to install Server Admin tools here instead to be able to change any settings.


The problem is I can't install it.

I've downloaded and tried with both Server Admin Tools 10.6.8 and 10.6.7, and I get the same result; At the start of the installation it says I need to install it on the same volume as Mac OS X, even if that volume is chosen.


Is this a bug that came with the last security update?

Is it safe to use Pacifist to install Server Admin Tools?

  • John Eriksson Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Found a duplicate thread with the same problem, unsolved;


    I've downloaded the correct version of Server Admin Tools, (as I belive)



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    It's not entirely clear to me what you're doing here, so (like over in that other thread) I'm going to guess.


    OS X Server ships with the server tools in 10.6, and the versions of the tools are maintained by Software Update. 


    You can want and need to install Server Tools 10.6 only on an OS X 10.6 client system.  Not on OS X Server.


    Now if you're progressing along the usual path of Server Tools confusion apace and might soon be looking at the version numbers displayed by the various tools and thinking you need an upgrade, well, you don't.  (Yeah, I bumped into that one, too.)  The versions that are displayed by the various Server Tools applications are confusingly not the same as the Server Tools package version, and tend to trail the packaged version.   Confusing?  Yes.  Poor error messages out of the Server Tools installer?  Yep.  Been there.  If Software Update invoked on the OS X Server box is happy, you're good to go.

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    lets see if I have this right

    you've updated your machine to 10.8

    you need to manage 10.6.8 server


    You can't install 10.6 server tools on 10.8 as you've found

    the only option is to manage 10.6 server is with

    ARD or VNC or screen share from your 10.8 machine to remotely control the server tools on the 10.6 server


    You need to use ARD (as you all ready have it) on your 10.8 machine to remotely access the 10.6 server tools on the 10.6 server, which are all ready installed on the server.

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    Ok, lets try again;

    I have a Mac mini running Mac OS X Server 10.6.8, fully updated. I want to install server admin tools on this server.


    How do I do that?


    When I download these packages:



    I get an error before install.

  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6 (13,050 points)

    You do not install the Server Tools kit on OS X Server 10.6.x.


    You should not attempt to install the Server Tools kit on OS X Server 10.6.x.


    There should be no way to install the Server Tools kit on OS X Server 10.6.x. 


    The Server Tools kit installer will (should) prevent this attempt, too.


    Why?  Because this Server Tools installation is not necessary.


    You already have Server Tools installed on OS X Server.


    The Server Tools package is a component of the OS X Server installation, and already installed on OS X Server, and already maintained as current by OS X Server.


    On OS X Server, look in Applications > Server — same spot as you'll find the tools, when the Server Tools are installed on OS X client — for the Server Tools.

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    There are no Server Admin Tools on this server. Maybe an administrator has trashed them..

    Can they be reinstalled with pacifict from Mac OS X Server install disk maybe?

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    Pacifist is good for pulling apart kits and recovering pieces and parts, but I'd prefer to stick with the Apple tools and installers where I can, and with backups and related.  It wouldn't be my first stop here, but this is your system.


    I'd get a backup or two, and would then first install the OS X Server 10.6.8 combo update, and then (if that fails to resolve this) reinstall the original OS X Server distro onto the box again, and then patch to current. 


    I'd consider going as far as a full migration" of this configuration; start over and reload the existing data.


    Why the combo update or the reinstall?  If an administrative user has been deleting hunks of the operating system, then other file deletions and "oddities" are potentially also in play here, too.  "Rearguard" fixes and file recoveries are never "fun", and the aggregate effort involved can exceed starting over.

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    It doesn't feel too good to reinstall the entire thing, its lots of services installed on this server, and I can imagening funnier nights than an entire night reinstalling a server because someone (probly me) accidently trashed the server admin folder a few years ago.. Like sleeping. I like sleep. and beer. =)


    I found the Server admin installation package on the 10.6.0 Server install disc, I installed it, but Software Update can't find any updates for it..

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    I used pacifist to install the content of /Application/Server from


    When asked, I said to leave all other outside stuff alone.

    The server restarts fine, everything seems to work. great, case closed.