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when I plug in to sync nothing happens

iPod nano, Windows XP
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    What have you tried so far in terms of troubleshooting this issue?  Are you plugging the iPod into a high powered USB 2.0 port on the back of your PC? Have you tried a different USB cable?


    What happens if you try to reset the device with it still connected to the PC?

    How to reset iPod


    Has this iPod ever worked on this PC or is this the first time you have time you have tried connecting it?


    Have you carefully worked through each and every single suggestion in this Apple support document?

    iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows


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    i tries restoring it while its pluged in and it worked.... but im still having this problem that

    when i buy a game it asks me for the password and so i put it and then it says thta because this is a new ipod ( ipod touch5 ) i have to answer 2 questions.. and i forgot what the answer to the questions were... the 2 questions were 


    1 ) what was your first car?


    2 ) who was your favorite teacher?


    and i dont even have a car im only 15 lol


    i had an ipod 2 my first one ever = ) i mad an account on it and i got games on it as many as i want


    i then lost it and got a new one and it never told me that i have to make a question and whatever to use my account on that ipod


    and then i got the ipod and its doing this to me.. so what do i do  ( i hope this is enough information )

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