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It worked before when connected directly to the modem, but I wanted to use my modem with my computer too for internet, so I added an ethernet switch and connected the three of them to it.  My internet works good in my computer, but apple tv doesn't work. It doesn't display netflix or any other option to watch video.

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    Go into the configuration of the Apple TV and your computer and look at the IP address's. They shoud be similiar. Something like  and You should be able to ping the Apple TV address from the computer.

    I assume you have powered each of them off and back on?

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    I have the same problem too. I wanted to connext my apple tv to my ethernet switch but my apple tv can't connext to the internet. Also, when I plugin my macbook to the ethernet switch I do have the internet connection. I don't understand what the problem is, but a solution would be great !

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    please post your configuration. Are you using a router between the ethernet switch and the cable modem  which is connected to the internet? It is important to know  where the IP address' for your devices come from. Does the router  provide them, our your internet provider? Open System Preferences on the Macbook and go to the network settings and look at the IP address. The go to settings general on the Apple TV, then network settings and look at the IP address. the last diigits to the right of the period should be close to the same number like :  and if they are similiar go to Network utiliy in the utilities portion of the applications folder. Open the Network utitilty and select the ping option. Enter the IP address and see if you can ping it.