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I need to connect my iPhone 4s to my mybook to share the internet connection.

The wifi has a password, and everytime my iPhone locks douwn, the connection is lost.

By the way, the wifi connection is less stable with my iPhone than with my Macbook.

So i would like to connect my iphone via bluetooth to my macbook to share the internet connection.

It works very well with my iPad, so I don't understand what's wrong with the iPhone.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    The iPhone is designed to drop wifi when the phone goes to sleep unless it is being actively used. The iPhone will only connect via bluetooth for certain functions, and hotspot is one of them if your carrier supports it. Are you trying to use the iPhone to provide internet to the computer, or vice versa? Your description is a little convoluted. You cannot connect via bluetooth except for the services described in this support document http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3647

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    I need to use the macbook to provide internet to my iPhone.

    Why??? Because I'm for 1 year in a foreign country, where I'm able to use the internet connection of my employer.

    That means every time I need to go to internet, I activate the wifi, a window appears and I have to type the password. I have no way to save this password somewhere and to get connected automaticaly.

    With my macbook, I have no problem... It finds the wifi signal every time.

    With my Iphone it doesn't... I don't know why.... And sometimes when I'm connected it lost the wifi signal...


    But as you can imagine, as I'm in a foreign country I need this internet to communicate with friends via viber, what's app and all others means you can easily understand.......

    So i'd like to connect my iPhone to internet via my macbook.

    Is it an other solution than the bluetooth????


    Thanks a lot for your advice

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    You should not be connecting via bluetooth at all. If you are connecting your macbook to the Internet and then sharing that with the phone, you need to be working on the macbook to ensure that it is creating the wifi network and then connecting your iPhone to that wifi network. Do you understand what I'm talking about? The macbook is your hub and it creates the wifi network, then the phone connects to that via wifi.

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    I've tried... but it's not possible to share a wifi connection via wifi connection.

    When I activate the internet sharing on my macbook, if I choose share wifi connection, it's on possible via bluetooth or ethernet.

    The only way to do what you're talking about is to have the ethernet connection on my macbook. In my case it's not possible, I have juste the opportunity to benefit the wifi of the company I work for...;(((

    Unless you can teach me something else.


    Thank you very very much.

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    Okay, guess I don't understand the Macs that well. I never thought I did, but this just compounds it. So you are having signal issues with the wifi for the phone connecting to your work wifi. Is it just because you have to log in each time it reconnects, or is there another issue? The iPhone is designed to drop the wifi connection after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power, however, if the phone is plugged in and charging, it will not disconnect the wifi. Something you might want to keep in mind, since it appears you are possibly seated at a desk since you want to try to use bluetooth, which has a very limiited range. If you plug it in, then the wifi will stay connected and will not drop when the phone goes to sleep.

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    I want to tank you for your advices.

    But just to make things clear, I'm not complaining about the fact that I have to type a login and a password to connect.

    For a reason that I don't understand, the wifi signal is always present and stable when I connect with the MacBook.

    But with the iPhone and the IPad, most of the time the wifi signal is not found,or when it is, it falls down even when the device is plugged in.

    This is the reason I'd like to find another solution.

    With the IPad, I connect the Bluetooth to my MacBook  and it works very well. I was thinking I could do the same with the iPhone...

    Thanks again for your help!


    By the way, may I ask you something else?

    I'm French speaker, and all my devices are in French, but I have to read many things in English. So I'm very happy with apps like iBooks and goodreader because I have a dictionary integrated. But some words are written identically in French and in English and the dictionary gives me the French definition! Is there a way to choose which dictionary to use or even to have both definitions?

    (For example: issue, I can only have the French definition)


    Thanks ;)

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    There could be some compatibility issues with the wifi and the iPad and iPhone. Also, the wifi antenna for those two devices is not as good as the one for the laptop. That could explain the weaker signal.


    I have no idea about the dictionary. I'm not sure where it is accessing the dictionary from, however if that were known, then thinking of diagnosing where one might change a setting would be easier. Good luck.