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My iPhone powers down in cold weather and I have to warm it up and then power it up again

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Same here. Quite temperature sensitive. My previous Iphone 4 or 4S did not do that. Just went for a walk here and died in 10 minutes at 20 degrees F.Put in my pocket and will turn back on.


    As I said, previous iPhone's did not do this. Of this I am absoultely sure.


    I"m an engineer and understand temp specs. However why does the iPhone 5 do this when previous models did not? Obviously something chagned with the power center/battery/power circutry.


    Given the amount of AAPL products I own, I seriously hope AAPL is not losing it's mojo! With Apple Maps, the lack of power adapters at launch, now this, I'm beginning to wonder. Unfortunate.

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    Yes, it happened a lot to earlier Iphones too! Just google it an find lots of same problem with the 4s. I have a 4s myself with this problem. Lving in Norway where temp is below 0 C half of the year, this is a big problem. I.e using my Iphone together with Strava of iBiker is useless when bicycling, running or skiing in temperatures around 0.

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    Now, is there any tricks to avoid this automatic switch-off? It causes me problems on weekly basis and I would really love to not switch to any other phone... but I cannot make phone calls in +5 C  weather...

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    My 4s shut itself off today at about noon.  I was outside, 1degrees out.  Didn't know it was off of course, missed about 8 calls/ messages before I thought to check the time.  Trying to power up, it signaled to plug it in, and then shut off again.  Once inside , I plugged it in, and it instantly showed 40% battery.  ***? 

    Checking the forums it seems its a common problem, and actually at freezing levels the phone is rendered useless.  So much for using it in a snow storm or in an emergency situation.  I don't buy the condensation inside post.  Great technology, but sure is  toast when the snow flies.  Maybe we should rename it the IPhone icicle? 

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    Habidex wrote:


    My 4s shut itself off today at about noon.  I was outside, 1degrees out.

    iPhone Operating ambient temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)