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I got an i phone 4 which was gifted to me by my relative: serial no . 87107P60A4T, IMEI NO 012543005308304.

The phone was bought at full price from the best buy store in US , I stay in India.

Now the problem is the battery of the i phone is not working properly , its getting drained quickly so I contacted the local I phone service centre at nagpur,Maharastra and was told that the phone is out of warranty and i was ready to pay the price for the battery replacement but was told that I have to get it done in US as the phone was bought there.

I dont understand this , how do you expect a person to visit US or even courier the phone to US for battery replacement.

I was told that I would get a  new piece , apple doesnt repair parts , i had to pay a differential amount .I am ok with it.

I wonder a global company like you who target people all over the world for their products have a skewed and outdated phone repair terms and conditions.

I just have only option to  throw the phone in the garbage bin as sending the phone  to US for repair is practically impossible and not feasible for me and in future think twice before buying any apple product


Expect a help from you in this context.


Anand Kumar



iPhone 4, iOS 6