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I was wondering if it's possible to use location services to have an iPhone automatically change settings based on my current location. I'm planning on buying an iPhone 5 on the 7th (the day it's released here in Korea), and it'll be my first iPhone. I've seen my friends use Siri (on their iPhone 4S over the summer) to remind them to do things when they get home, and I'm guessing Siri understood that and notified them when they got home based on their location through location services. So I'm guessing the phone can know when it's "home."


What I'm wondering, is if that can be expanded. For example, can I set a certain location as "work" and then make sure my phone goes into silent mode automatically everytime I go to work? Other examples could be for turning wifi on and off. For example, when I go home my iPhone uses location services to turn wifi on and automatically connect to my home network. Also, since at home and work I have my computer, I don't really need my phone to check for new emails so often, so could I set mail applications to check less frequently then and more frequently when I'm out?


I'm really curious, but this may all be moot for me anyway, since I'm not sure if location services works here in Korea (I don't see why not, but I never know...). And I suppose another less complicated version of this would be to have phone settings integrate with calendars. I have a calendar set just for everyday when I go to work (about 1:00pm~9:00pm, M-F). If I could set my phone to go silent during those times, that would work even without location services. And it would be more convienient than just a standard weekly schedule since it wouldn't go silent from 1-9pm on days I have off, like Christmas, etc.

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