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I'd like to make an interactive image where you can click the labels without the image zooming or moving. I tried to do so by using the same zoom percentage for each label, but the image is still moving when you click. Any suggestions?

  • tk0us Level 2 (265 points)

    make the image a background in an html widget and use the <map> and its features to contruct your labels


    hope this helps...

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    Saw this too. Are you talking about movement when you first tap a label in the widget?  If so, the movement is probably occurring because of the difference between the zoom level/position associated with the Default view and the zoom levels/positions of the new views that you've added (especially if you edited the existing numbered views instead of replacing them).  I found a workaround which might help you. Here are some steps:


    1.  Insert an Interactive widget and drop your image into it. 

    2.  Show the Interaction panel of the Widget inspector (note that there are 3 views:  Default plus two views).

    3.  Delete all existing views (except Default) by clicking the '-' button under the Views list in the inspector.

    4.  Now, set the desired view (position and zoom) for the Default view (this step is optional).

    5.  Add more views by clicking the '+' button below the Views list.


    Note:  Any new views you add (by clicking the '+' button in the inspector) will have the exact same view as the Default view.  As a result, when your widget is viewed you should not see any image movement as all views will have the same zoom and positioning as the Default view. 


    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks a lot. That does the trick!