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I have a small network setup using a mountain lion server and a couple of mac mini's running snow leopard. In addition I have several iphones and ipads attached to the network.

I want to syn calendars and contacts accross all devices but dont want to use icloud for the private stuff. I have the basics working but can not get the general icloud contacts and appointments to sync on the mac mini's. Is there a way to sync this data or do I have to duplicate each appointment , one to icloud the other to the server address book and calendar.

I know that there is a way to sync snow leopard with icloud but I do not want all data on I could as some of it is sensative, so require to keep it internal.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Your Moutain Lion Server comes with a Calendarserver and and Addressbook server.

    Activate them, follow the instructions in the manual http://help.apple.com/advancedserveradmin/mac/10.8/#apdD1264A58-01EA-4854-A96D-3 CCAB512E7C2

    Then your users can have all their sensitive data on your server.



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    Thanks for the help

    Not sure I have explained myself properly, I already have the server set up and have a local calendar and address book working.

    The issue I am having is how to integrate it with the icloud address book and appointments.

    for example,

    I have an appointment at 10.30 with a client, I need to have this show up on all mobile devices and the local network mini's. As it stands I have to put it in twice, once in the icloud calendar and once in the local network calendar. I would like to be able just to add it once and it show on all clients.

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    I do not get it, why your iphone's do not access the local server?

    Your server can offer everything iCloud offers. Get a domainname, FQDN, and server to all your clientes from the server. Then you have all the possibilities of inviting, showing "ocupied", resources, invitations and more.

    hope that helps.




    I think you can also "subscribe" to iCloud calendars...but I do not know the in and outs of this.

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    For security reasons, we dont expose the server to the internet other than icloud for the calendar and address book.

    I just need to find a way of adding an appointment without doing it twice.