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It's the cat that did it...Seriously, she was looking for something warm to lay about on and before

I knew it the dreaded sounds were coming up to alert me a key was being incessantly pushed.

Exit cat - stage left!  So the problem is that the entire screen image - including (files/edit/view/history

etc and the date/time/battery levels etc). all move according to the mouse movements.

She's obv. done some fine dancing steps across the keyboard and accidentally made a combination

move of a bunch of keys. Try as I may I cannot reinact her moves.  I've restarted, i've hit the mirroring

key, gone into display.Nothing fixes it. ALSO the font of everything is super huge too.

THe contents of the desktop are accessible as long as I move what I want into a viewable position.

ANY TIPS - I'm presumigni it's a keyboard problem but not 100% sure.


I am using the powerbook G4 (10.4.11) with an external monitor attached to it.



Solved by tzbikowski on Nov 28, 2012 4:47 AM Solved



Hard to guess what key combination was performed.

Good start would be to go to System Preferences and Universal Access and get the huge zoom under control.

Perhaps other things as well.