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I've had a book on the iBookstore since May and recently made some updates/revisions to it. I had wondered how this would be treated when the time came for an update. Recently Apple has provided new versions of iBooks, iBooks Producer and iBook Author with a variety of interesting improvements. I like the equation editor, the file size is smaller than when I was imbedding images of the equations, and they show up full size when clicked on in iBooks. Also added is book versions. Another good additions; exactly what I thought should happen with ebook revisions. I tried uploading the new version, designated v1.0, including What's New... info. Error message 'can't include What'snew info...'. Deleted the What's new info and it uploaded with a warning that it wouldn't go live until it had What's new info ??? Checked on the website and it was under review so the version arrived at Apple. The old version is still available with the new version listed as under review. Now a couple of days later still under review, no tickets (yet ;-) I've just re uploaded the same version with What's new info and no error message this time. Hopefully this will work. Hopefully no technical issues with the new version of the book. The reviewers have been good at finding my silly mistakes. The joys of self publishing.