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I'm using Configurator 1.2.1 to deploy 90 iPads in my school. I have purchased licenses for Pages and Keynote. After updating iPads and reloading apps, Pages requires entering an Apple ID yet Keynote doesn't. Some other non-Apple apps also require appleID now. The students can't get at information (notes) that they entered with Pages. How do I work around this?

Configurator, iOS 6.0.1
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    Solved it. The apps new requiring Apple IDs and pw had been originally downloaded under a different Apple ID that what was being used by Configurator, and then the app had been added to the apps panel of Configurator which was running the true Apple ID for Configurator. Something got 'fixed' in the new relase of Configurator so that this discrepancy was corrected. Didn't happen the first time everything was loaded ... Still, the issue remains with paid apps.

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    Be careful,


       It seems that the AppleID asked by Apple Configurator to add application is not forwarded to the device. Insteed, it is the Apple ID used to download originally the apps (the iTunes one) that is forwarded to the device