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I have Windows 7 installed on my imac. The wireless keyboard and mouse are working fine but the brightness controls are not working. My screen is set a full brightness which is causeing me to get horrible headaches. Please tell me how this can be fixed.

iMac, Windows 7
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    Did you install Boot Camp drivers in Windows? If not, install Boot Camp drivers

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    How do i do that? is it something i can download?

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    lcl04 wrote:


    How do i do that? is it something i can download?

    When you ran Boot Camp (to install Windows) page 2 had a link to Download Windows Support Software, you missed it so do it now, follow the directions carefully:


    Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 11.05.20 AM.png

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    i tried to do that but it said that it couldn't so i ended up skiping that. how can i fix theerror message?

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    Try again and keep trying (assuming that you want the drivers) don't skip steps, they become a problem later.

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    Ya, I've tried to download the the 'windows support software' about a dozen times today only for it to tell me it can't because of a 'network error' at first I thought it was something to do with my Internet connection but all of my other devices were fine.  I looked online at it looks like people have not been able to download the support software for awhile now, is there another place with a direct link to download it from?

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    this is a slightly different but related problem:


    I use MS Windows on a Mac Airbook running Mountain Lion.



    The F-keys have stopped working.


    How can I restore them.


    I am particularly concerned to retore the keyboard underlighting.




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    I created a problem for myself using the brightless slider in Power Options in Windows 7. I dimmed it to black [as I like little light output from th screen]. I wthe screen was black; wasn't able to adjust it as the screen was black and I couldn't see it to adjust. Rebooting the machine booted it to a black screen.


    The solution was to do a safe boot which allowed me to see the powwer options and restore them to their default.  I'm just mentioning that here in case anyone else has the problem. It was highly stressful!