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hi there,


just faced a very awkward problem!

Yesterday morning, I received a couple of e-mails that I couldn´t reply to so far, but I noticed them coming in on my me.com account

This morning I finally had the chance to respond to them...or let´s better say, I would have had the chance to, because when I searched for them, they were all gone!


The curious thing is, that only the mails from one sender had been vanished...on ALL my devices, including my Mac where I run MS Outlook!


I searched through every folder and every alternative account I might got it on (´cause I considered that I might have initially picked the wrong account), but none, zero, nada, niente!


3 Mails, that I am 150% sure of to have gotten ARE GONE!


does anyone has an explenation or has been facing problems like that so far?


as far as I know, You cannot delete or call back mails, after they are once send

iPhone 4S, iOS 6