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The space bar on my ibook stopped functioning a month ago and I re-routed the function to another key,

which isn't ideal but at least it's usable.

but now the brightness and sound keys - top left row have also stopped working.  The top right row of function

keys still work.


I lifted off the keypad to see if there was anything underneath blocking their function, but it was clean. 

Could this be part of the same problem that stopped the space bar from working? 

Is it a relatively cheap/easy fix to get a new space bar or the other keys repaired?  Thank you in advance.

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    Try resetting resetting the PMU?


    If that doesn't work, then it sounds to me like a faulty keyboard.

    You will require a replacement. They are easy to replace and cheap to buy on places like eBay.

    replacing them is a simple pull out plug situated under the RAM slot under the keyboard. depending on what model of iBook you have.


    http://www.ifixit.com/Device/iBook has guides on how to fix parts like keyboards.

    it's simple enough to do yourself.


    Best of luck

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    Hello Thank you for replying.

    I did as you suggested re the PMU - see what I did below, but I'm guessing it didn't work b/c the date never changed back to reset as they suggested it would.


    Picture 10.png

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    The keyboard is a wearing part. The circuit path connection between several keys of your keyboard broke. Try to get a used keyboard on ebay or from other sellers for your iBook model. There are G3 and G4 iBooks and 12" or 14" models so you have to pick the right one - some keyboards are interchangeable between different models .