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my isight webcam shows up in system profiler but does not register in any of the programs such as iChat. I have had it working on a Windows 7 computer but iChat, iPhoto and iMovie all indicate that no camera is connected.  It fires up when the I boot up, the green light shines, the lens is open but no image just a blank screen.


I have installed an old Logitech webcam and this will work using the Macam driver from sourceforge but even so this also fails to show in any programs except Macam.


I have also tried resetting the SMU as described in the set up brochure but to no avail.  Has anyone any idea what the problem is please?  Could it be I need an updated version of iChat or that it is being blocked by another program?  My system is apparently up to date in terms of its software with no updates outstanding.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Do you know the brand and model of your external webcam?  Is the webcam you mentioned in the first paragraph the same Logictech camera you mentioned in te same paragraph, or is this another camera that also doesn't work in iChat?  Is it connected by USB or FireWire to your iMac?  What model of iMac do you have, G3, G4, G5?  What is the model identifier from the second line in the About this Mac, More Info, Hardware window?


    The more info you can provide us, the more we might be able to help you.


    Good luck.

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    Well Joe here is the 'About This Mac' stuff:-


      Model Name:          iMac G5

      Model Identifier:          PowerMac8,2

      Processor Name:          PowerPC G5  (3.1)

      Processor Speed:          2 GHz

      Number Of CPUs:          1

      L2 Cache (per CPU):          512 KB

      Memory:          2 GB

      Bus Speed:          667 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          5.2.5f1

      Serial Number (system):          CK******SDW


    I am running an up to date version of Leopard v 10.5.8.  It says something about the OSX having an extended journal


    I have two webcams- the Apple iSight which connects using the firewire port.

    The other is an old USB connected Logitech Quick Cam Messenger VU-M14 or similar.


    Both show in the system profiler when connected but neither work with iChat whilst the Note on the Logitech says it isn't configured. 


    The Logitech does work with Macam.


    I have had the iSight webcam working on another desktop PC running Windows 7 so I assume it must be working and not faulty.


    I have tried resetting the SMU but ere was no change in webcam functionality.


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    Here is more info showing the webcam is recognised by the OS:-

    FireWire Bus:


      Maximum Speed:          Up to 400 Mb/sec




      Manufacturer:          Apple Computer, Inc.

      Model:          0x8

      GUID:          0xA27000012FDC1

      Maximum Speed:          Up to 400 Mb/sec

      Connection Speed:          Up to 200 Mb/sec


    iSight Unit:

      Unit Software Version:          0x102

      Unit Spec ID:          0xA02D

    iSight Unit:

      Unit Software Version:          0x10

      Unit Spec ID:          0xA27

    iSight Unit:

      Unit Software Version:          0x11

      Unit Spec ID:          0xA27

    iSight Unit:

      Unit Software Version:          0x12

      Unit Spec ID:          0xA27

      Product Revision Level:          1.0


    Under USB:-


    Product ID 0x08f0

    Vendor ID  0x046d(Logitech.Inc)

    Version     1.0

    Speed Up to 12 Mb/sec

    Location ID 0xb100000

    Current available mA:     500

    Current required mA:     Unknown - Device has not been configured



    In Application Extensions :-


    Apple iSight v1.1.4 last modified 28/11/2008




    i hope this additinal info helps

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    First, go back to your last post.  Click the edit button and remove your serial number.


    Have you tried plugging the iSight Camera into the other FireWire port on the back of your iMac?


    Have you tried resetting the PRAM?


    You could try re-installing, iChat, iMovie, iPhoto, Photobooth, Quicktime from your OS 10.5 install disc.




    The following is from an old Apple Support Bulletin I found using the Internet Wayback Machine:


    Standalone iSight cameras

    The instructions in this section apply if you have an iSight camera that is not built into your computer but attaches to the computer via a FireWire cable.

    1. Make sure the cable is completely plugged in.
      Incomplete cable connections are the most common cause of hardware problems. Follow these quick instructions to make sure your iSight cable is completely plugged in.
      1. Turn the computer and the camera off.
      2. Unplug the FireWire cable from your computer and the camera.
      3. Wait a few seconds.
      4. Firmly, without forcing, plug the cable back in to the camera and the computer.
        Caution: FireWire ports are keyed so the FireWire cable can only be inserted one way. Make sure you are inserting the FireWire cable into the FireWire port in the correct orientation.
      5. Restart your computer.
      6. If the green light on top of the iSight is not lit, turn on the camera by gently twisting the lens.
      7. Launch iChat AV.
      If your iSight camera continues to function improperly, continue on to the steps below.
    2. See if a different FireWire port works.
      Some Macs have more than one FireWire port. If your computer has another FireWire port, disconnect the iSight camera from the current port and plug it into the other one. Restart your computer and test the camera before continuing to step three.
    3. Check to see if other FireWire devices work.
      If you have another FireWire device, such as a video camera or an external hard drive, try plugging it into your computer to see if it works. If your other FireWire devices work, this means that your computer's FireWire port is working correctly. If your other FireWire devices don't work, there may be an issue with your computer. Contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance.
    4. Determine if there is an incompatibility with another FireWire device.
      If more than one FireWire device is connected to your computer, there may be an incompatibility between two of the devices. To rule this out, disconnect all other FireWire devices from the computer, including external hard drives, CD/DVD drives, other cameras, and FireWire-based networking equipment, such as hubs and repeaters. If your iSight camera works normally when you remove other FireWire devices, plug them back in one at a time to isolate the cause of the issue.
    5. Make sure the FireWire cable is good.
      Follow these steps to test the FireWire cable:
      1. Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu.
      2. Click More Info. System Profiler opens.
      3. In the System Profiler window, click on the Devices and Volumes option.
      4. Click the disclosure triangle, if necessary, in the FireWire Information area.
      Information about your iSight camera should appear in the FireWire Information field. If you see the iSight camera in this field, your cable is good. Once you've confirmed the cable you are using is good, use it to plug your iSight into your computer. If the green light on the top of the camera does not light up immediately (within a second), there may be an issue with your camera. Fill out an iSight Service Request to have your camera repaired.
      Important: Do not send your iSight camera for repair until you have tried each troubleshooting step.
      If the FireWire cable that came with your iSight camera didn't work, try another FireWire cable that you know works. If this cable works, there is an issue with your iSight's FireWire cable. If your camera is in the limited warranty period, fill out an iSight Service Request to receive a replacement cable.
    6. Check to see if there is an issue with your camera.
      If information about your iSight appears in System Profiler but the camera still does not work, follow these steps:
      1. Open iChat AV.
      2. Choose Preferences from the iChat menu.
      3. Click the Video button.
      4. Twist the front of the iSight camera lens to open the iris barrier. The green light on the camera turns on when the iris barrier is open.
      Video from your iSight camera should appear on screen. If the screen is blue or black, there may be an issue with the camera. Fill out an iSight Service Request to have your camera repaired.

    I hope this helps.


    Good luck.

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    I found this too but haven't tried to reset the PRAM yet.


    I cannot get back into the post to delete the serial number -is there a way or should the moderator be able to do it for me?

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    The Moderator should be able to do it. 


    Here is a website about troubleshooting iSight cameras:




    Good luck.

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    That's good news.


    Just to clarify, was it the PRAM reset that worked for you?


    Good luck.

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    On the older systems Apple blocked using 3rd part USB webcams with iChat, you can overcome this limitation with iUSBCam from ecamm software.


    As for your iSight, just because the Mac can see it and your green light comes on does not mean its working 100%. The firewire camera, unlike most USB webcams, has a lot of electronics inside, thats why its such a good camera but this also means there is more to break down. I had the exact same issue with mine. Tested it on several Mac's to rule out it was my Mac. If I tapped the camera it would sometimes work so I guess the delicate electronics inside had  a loose connection.


    Good luck