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Podcasts on my iPod2 don't automatically run from one to the next. I must start each podcast one after the other. This used to run one episode followed by the next without my intervention. How do I fix?

iPad 2
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    I see that I wrote iPod2. I meant the podcasts on my iPad2. I know how to get consecutive podcasts on my iPod, but have to open each podcast on my iPad2 one after the other. I used to be able to get consecutive podcasts without manually starting each one on my iPad, but not now.

  • Heathcliff2018 Level 1 (25 points)

    If the podcasts are all the same (eg. multiple episodes of Football Weekly), then they will play consequetively.


    If you have individual episodes of different podcasts (eg. 1 x The Game podcast & 1 x Hypercritical & 1 x The Talk Show), then they will stop after each podcast has been played.

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    Sorry but this is not true in my experience. Perhaps it is because I prefer to stream my podcasts rather than take up space by downloading, but the latest version of Podcasts does not play my podcasts of the same show consecutively. I have to slide the screen lock before it will play. And there are many podcasts that won't play at all. I like the app, except it doesn't follow Apple's rule of "just working."

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    I have looked at other podcast apps because of my frustration with Apples. All of the apps including Apples gets it wrong in some frustrating way. Apple please fix or go back to podcasts in the music app. They worked there.