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Hi All,


I've got a mountain lion server running 10.8.2 and we're recently migrated our OD from a 10.6.8 server. All the users and passwords work fine for file sharing, contacts (via carddav), calendar, and vpn. However, I'd like to some users via LDAP for machines that are unmanaged but shared computers or ios devices.


I've got the "directory contacts in search" check marked in the server admin app. The server host name is example.com and I'm trying to setup my ldap clients as below:





Server: example.com

User Name: user         (not user@example.com)

Password: password

Description: example.com



Mountain Lion


Account Type: LDAP

server address: example.com

Server Options: por 636 use ssl


Description: EXAMPLE LDAP

Search Base: dc=example, dc=com

Scope: Subtree

Authentication: Simple

User Name: User

Password: Password


On iOS devices, I get an error that says "cannot connect using ssl" even though there's  valid certificate on the server for the hostname, I then get an "LDAP Account unable to verify account information" error. On the Macs I can add the account, and it will show under directories, but nothing is returned in searchs.


As a side note, I do have Google apps setup on the same hostname, with those MX records on the ISP DNS, but not the internal DNS (as when they were on the internal DNS CardDav would not work).


Any suggestions? Are my search bases wrong? Something I need to configure in the Directory Manager?




MAC MINI SERVER (LATE 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), ios 6.0.1
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    I was able to get this fixed myself. Basically, I had to have Authentication set to none in order for any device to connect to the server... is there no way to enforce user authentication with 10.8.2 Server?